Are you thinking about fitting a ute crane?

26 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you need to transport a lot of materials, then owning a ute is useful. It enables you to move large volumes from one place to another without difficulty, but it does leave you with one problem. Transporting the loads may be easy but loading and unloading the ute can still be hard and perhaps dangerous work. If you are moving loads into the ute manually, then you could easily become exhausted and there is always the risk of physical injury if you slip or make a mistake while carrying something heavy. Instead of resorting to manual labour whenever you need to unload the ute, why not consider fitting a ute crane instead?

Why else should you fit a ute crane?

Removing hard physical labour may be the most obvious reason to fit a ute crane, but it isn't the only one. Fitting a ute crane does more than just allow you to transport your normal loads more easily, it also expands the range of what you can do. Once you have fitted a ute crane, you will be able to take on other jobs that would have been physically impossible before or which would have required the introduction of expensive extra equipment. A ute crane can be used for far more than loading and unloading the ute. You can also apply it to the manipulation of loads outside the ute and manoeuvre external loads that were too heavy to be shifted manually.

Is the ute crane suitable?

Before you think about buying a ute crane, you will have to study the specifications of the crane carefully. You will want to be certain that the crane will have the capability to hold the load weights that you normally carry as well as anything that you might want to transfer in the future. If the ute crane you are looking at doesn't have that capability, then you shouldn't waste your money on it; it might look good, but it will never be of value to your business.

Where should you place the ute crane?

The placement of your ute crane is important for several reasons. You will want to position the ute crane so that it can be used to easily transfer loads in and out of the ute, but you will also need to think about the driving conditions. You will need to drive your ute safely with the crane in position, and you can't risk placing the ute crane anywhere that will block your view of the road.

To learn more, reach out to a local ute crane rental service.