3 Key Features of a Quality Phone Case

17 December 2019
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Decades ago, it was challenging to capture life's greatest moments because people had to rely on cumbersome cameras. Moreover, the cameras could only be used in certain situations; therefore, they were not ideal for fun activities near bodies of water or at height. However, smartphone technology has changed all this, and it is today possible to capture precious moments with the click of a button. That said, some smartphones need additional protection from the elements, and this is where protective cases come in handy. Read More 

How to Prevent Data Leaks from Your Photocopier

29 November 2019
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When it comes to office security, most managers focus on strengthening their computers. One piece of office equipment not nearly enough people focus on is one you may not even realise can leak data: your photocopier. These days, all digital photocopiers are installed with a computer hard drive that processes and stores every image you scan, send, or copy from the device. This ensures the photocopier can keep up with every task speedily and efficiently. Read More 

Important Skills to Include in a Leadership Development Program

13 September 2019
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If you want your organisation to grow and your brand to outlive you in legacy, you have to worry about the culture, skills and competencies that you are transferring to your employees. Most organisations have a leadership development program in place. However, very few think about the content of the program. As the world changes, the work environment is also changing. You have to keep updating your programs to include skills that will make leaders who are fit for today's and tomorrow's business environment. Read More 

Installing an Irrigation System: 3 Questions You Need to Ask

18 March 2019
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If you are planning to install an irrigation system to water the crops on your farm, it is vital that you ask yourself a few questions to establish which type of irrigation system is best suited to your needs. Below is a guide to 3 questions you need to answer before designing and installing a new irrigation system. Do I have a reliable water supply? The number-one thing you will need for your irrigation system is a reliable water supply. Read More