What Types of Supplies Do You Need When Building With Structural Timber?

26 April 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog


You might like the idea of building with structural timber. You might prefer it as a more classic and traditional choice over building with steel. However, you probably want to be sure that your structure is strong, durable, and in-line with local building codes, so you may want to use strong structural timber instead of other timber building materials. You'll need to purchase a variety of supplies so that you will be prepared for your building project, and you can start by adding these items to your list.

The Right Structural Timber

Naturally, if you're going to be building anything with structural timber, you will need to be sure that you have structural timber to work with. If you have a blueprint or design for your building project, it should list the different types and sizes of structural timber that you need to purchase. You might need support beams and other structural timber, for example.

When you're buying your structural timber, you can make sure that it's the right size. You can also pay attention to the type of timber that you're buying, such as whether it's hardwood or softwood. Lastly, you can determine if it has been treated or not. Paying attention to all of these things will help you purchase structural timber that is going to be suitable for your project.


When you're building with structural timber, you will need fasteners that can be used to hold timber together or that can be used to attach other things to the timber that you're building with. You'll need nails or screws, for example. Determine whether you need interior or exterior fasteners, and determine how big they should be, too. Then, you'll know that they will offer the type of hold that you're looking for and that they will hold up well over time.


Lastly, you're going to need tools when building with structural timber. The type of tools that you need varies based on your project, but you might need power or hand saws to use to cut the structural timber. You might need hammers, drills, and other tools, too. You may already have some tools, and you may want to purchase some to add to your collection. You also have the option to rent various tools if you don't think you'll need them again after your structural timber building project.

Of course, you might need additional supplies and equipment when you're working with structural timber, depending on the specific project that you are working on. If you start with the supplies listed above, however, you should have most -- if not all -- of what you need for your structural timber building project.