A Guide On The Work Of Building Surveyors

12 August 2020
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Building surveyors are an essential aspect of the real estate business. Their job is to evaluate the condition of buildings to determine whether they are safe to live in. Below is a guide on building surveyors and several reasons why every buyer should hire the services of a building surveyor.

What Is The Job Of A Building Surveyor?

The surveyor will examine the local building code and the construction blueprints to understand what guidelines the builder followed. He or she may also require proof of zoning regulations and the certifier's occupation certificate. These documents are vital since they will inform the professional whether the builder and previous owner flouted construction regulations. 

The surveyor will check the pillars and slabs for cracks and warping. A foundation inspection will reveal signs of leakage and salt damping. The home's roof could have broken shingles, leaks and damaged gutters. If this is the case, the attic could have a pest infestation. Besides, the property's insulation may be damaged.

A building survey also evaluates the condition of property amenities such as the drainage system. Clogs and full septic tanks may expose the new buyer to illnesses. Further, the professional examines the property's stormwater drainage system. He or she also conducts an in-depth background study to know whether the area is predisposed to land contamination and natural hazards such as fires and floods. The surveyor also examines the property for dangerous materials such as asbestos and mould. 

Most property buyers are environmentally conscious. As such, they would want to know about the energy efficiency of the property. For instance, does the property have a solar panel? What kind of insulation does it have? What is its orientation to the sun? Does it have a functional AC system? Does the property have glazed windows and underfloor heating? The surveyor will use these details to determine the energy efficiency of the property.

The Benefits Of A Building Surveyor

After the survey, the professional will produce an inspection report and give it to the buyer. Typically, the report will inform the buyer whether the property is reasonably priced. He or she can use it as a bargaining chip to bring down the price of the property. He or she could also ask the buyer to conduct the required repairs.

The building surveyor's report helps buyers make an informed decision when purchasing homes. When hiring a building inspector, inquire about his or her experience and ask for professional accreditations to ensure he or she is licenced to work in your area. 

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