How To Grow Your Fire Protection Services Business

30 January 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


Do you have a problem growing your fire protection services business? You might have trouble branding or marketing your business. Below is a comprehensive guide on how you can grow your business. 

Branding and Public Relations 

To brand your business, you will need a logo, brand colours and a brand message or motto. Your consumers must recognise and connect with these three concepts. Ideally, you will have to advertise or market your brand through various avenues. For a fire protection services business, you need to come up with marketing strategies that aim to educate rather than persuade the consumer to buy your product. For instance, you could start a social media campaign on how to create a family fire emergency plan. The adverts and posts should contain bits and pieces of what your company provides. It helps you create a need and ensure the consumer recognises the need for your services.

The success of your business is pegged on how you relate with the local community. Public relations should not be an expensive affair. For instance, you could work with local schools and train kids how to respond to fire. Remember that kids will tell their parents what they learnt in school. Besides, they are your future customers. 

Range of Services

Your company should be a one-stop shop for all fire protection services. For example, other than providing fire extinguishers and alarms, you should also offer consultation services to organisations and private citizens that wish to build their resilience to fire risk. You must be in a position to provide reliable referrals. For instance, your clients may need fire insurance and contacts to security companies that provide comprehensive fire response services.

The truth is that most customers will choose quality over price. Therefore, provide quality products with guarantees and warranties. Besides, consider after-sales services such as free transportation, installation, repair and maintenance.


Your products and services must be competitively priced. Always price your services within industry rates. Consider periodic reviews to ensure the company does not incur losses.

When should you give discounts? Check your business pattern to determine when you make the most sales. Give discounts during the high season when you are confident that you will attract new clients. Alternatively, you could consider them during campaigns. For instance, if you are teaching kids how to use extinguishers, you could provide schools with a discount on new extinguishers and extinguisher maintenance.

The secret to growing your fire protection services business is prioritising the needs of your clients. Market your brand through PR and educational campaigns, provide a wide range of services and price your products competitively.