5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hydroponics

15 November 2017
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Whether you are a novice in indoor gardening or a veteran farmer, hydroponic gardening is something you need to try out. The advantages of hydroponics are worth the labour you will employ. And in reality, this type of gardening is not as labour intensive as the other mainstream farming methods. The fact that you do not necessarily have to spend money on weeding, soil tilling, fertilizers and pesticides should be enough to convince you that you need to wet your feet in hydroponics. But is that all? Take a look at some of the key reasons why you should look into hydroponics.

1.    It is a controlled environment

Outdoor gardening means that your crops will be susceptible and subject to prevailing weather conditions. Excessive rain can damage the crops, as can wind, too much sun or even contaminated soil. With hydroponics, you do not depend on the nutrients that the soil provides. Instead, you supply the nutrients yourself, control the environment under which the crops grow,and are in charge of your plant's health.

2.    You will save time

This system of farming automatically grants you what most farmers wish for—time. How? Well, you will be freed from tilling, weeding, pest control and a myriad of other farm chores, not to mention the fact that you are growing in water, so watering of the plants will be the least of your worries, which will save you substantial time.

3.    You will save on space

For most people, farming is viewed through the prism of a large farmland with a lot of tilling space for better yields. Well, hydroponics doesn't call for soil, so it doesn't require large tracts of land. You will be growing your plants in water that is oxygenated and rich in nutrients that the plants require. This means the crops can be packed close together, as there is no fight for nutrients and the roots can be submerged in the water.

4.    You will save water

You will not be watering your plants, meaning you will be saving on this precious and vital commodity in farming. And in practice, most of the time when watering plants, much of the water gets wasted by draining even if you are doing container gardening. However, hydroponics continually ensures a supply of water in the plant roots, and youd o not need to do the watering. 

5.    More yields all year long

Saving on water and space and doing away with plant diseases and pesticides will translate into more output. You will also be able to grow and harvest all year round, as you won't have to worry about external factors such as oscillating weather patterns. Further, the yields will be healthier, as the crops will have a constant, controlled supply of nutrients. 

If you are considering indoor gardening or just want to venture into an alternative farming method, then hydroponics should be in your starter pack.