3 Reasons You Should Choose Promotional USBs

30 August 2017
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If you own a business, you will understand how important promotion of your goods and services is. Many companies will set up a stall at a trade fair so they can demonstrate their products while also giving away promotional gifts. These promotional gifts are designed to reward potential customers for stopping to engage with your staff at the stall. However, they also have a secondary purpose. A promotional gift is an item which will be taken away to remind the potential customer of your brand and of your product. Below is a guide to why custom printed USBs make a great promotional gift.

USBs are useful 

When at a trade fair, the promotional items which are distributed by companies might seem cool or fun in the short term, but in reality, they serve no long-term use. For proof of this, just consider the graveyard of those small fluffy pom-pom toys which can be seen discarded in offices. The benefit of giving away a USB stick is that it is actually useful because it can carry and transfer data, and in the digital age, that is always going to be appealing. Most office drawers contain several USB sticks because they are just so damn useful, so no one is going to turn down the chance to get their hands on another one.

USBs catch the eye

When a promotional USB stick is inserted into a customer's computer, it will be very eye catching—not only because it will have a fantastic design, but also because, when the person operating the computer is waiting for a graphics file to render, an email to arrive or for their software to update, their eyes will naturally wander around the area in front of them. There is a good chance that the person using the computer will glance at a USB stick several times during the duration of its use. Every time the user looks at the USB stick, they will be taking in the name of your company and the branding.

USBs are compact

Finally, a benefit of investing in promotional USB sticks is that they are highly portable. This portability means that it will be easy for your staff to transport them to the trade fair, and it will be even easier for a potential client to carry it away with them. This ease of transportability significantly increases the chance that people will accept a promotional USB stick as a gift.

If you are interested in having some promotional USB sticks designed for your company, you should contact a printing service today.