Tips to make sure you get the best paint when you are painting a nursery

3 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Many parents-to-be are excited about the idea of painting a new nursery for their new babies. In order to get the perfect finish in terms of both appearance and odour you need to take some simple steps in your painting job. Here are some tips. 

Choose the right paint

When you are choosing a paint for a nursery you want to choose a paint that has a low odour dispersion, both for the baby and for mum, if the parents are doing the painting. there are a range of products on the market that are designed for children's rooms and for people with respiratory disorders. These are available in most hardware stores but if you want a specific colour mix in a low odour formulation you may need to head to a specialist paint store for the exact shade and finish that you are looking for. Even if you choose a low odour formation it is important to have adequate ventilation in the room as you are painting. 

Choose the right finish

If you are planning to have your child in the room for a few years you probably will want an easy to clean finish on the walls. While it can be hard to fathom when you have a newborn, before long they are toddlers and as parents you may be scrubbing pen and pencil marks from the walls. An easy to clean finish can be a great boon when you need to clean and unexpected mess and it's much easier to use an easy wipe paint when you first paint the room compared to repainting latter when you have a busy toddler underfoot. 

Choose a neutral colour

While it can be tempting to go crazy and paint the room pink or blue to match the sex of your child, this can be very limiting if your child later decides that they would like another colour (such as 'Frozen' obsessed toddler girl who wants a blue room or a boy who loves pink). Choosing a neutral colour can be a great option as you can use removable wall decals in bright colours and characters, as well as bright coloured bedding. 

If you are feeling busy or overwhelmed about painting your nursery it can be worth contacting a professional painter. They can use their skills and experience to choose the right paint, leaving you free to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for the new arrival.